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A biohazard is defined as an organism, or a substance derived from an organism, that poses a threat to human health, animal health, or the environment.   Exposure to bio-hazardous waste and their related contaminants can pose serious health consequences.   Failure to properly remove biohazard substances contributes to unhealthy and dangerous environments.   Bio-recovery services must occur in any structure where bio-hazardous waste is present to ensure the home or business is restored to a healthy environment.  

There can be substantial legal implications for failing to conform to OSHA's Blood borne Pathogens Rules, and State and Municipal Sanitary codes and laws.   To minimize your exposure to potential legal difficulties, it is important to hire a bio-recovery company that is trained to properly handle biohazards, who is insured, who is discreet, and who is experienced.   Bio-recovery services are often covered by insurance policies.

Biohazard Fact:
Hazardous materials (hazmat) removal workers identify and dispose of asbestos, radioactive and nuclear waste, arsenic, lead, and other hazardous materials. They also neutralize and clean up materials that are flammable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic.
Source:  "Hazardous Materials Removal Workers." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Cleanup of Bioharzardous Waste in Florida

Patriot Restoration are biohazard cleanup experts.   We cleanup and safely dispose of biological and hazardous materials.   Our highly trained technicians restore sites where crimes, deaths, floods, hoarding, infestations and spills have occurred.

Why Choose Patriot?

Patriot Restoration are Cleaning Experts.

Biohazard Cleanup
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Patriot Cleans Up Biohazards.

Biological matter and chemical contaminants from sewage backups, chemical spills, and hoarding are dangerous.   Biohazard cleanup includes the proper disposal of hazardous waste.

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