Leak Detection

Detect Leaks with Thermal Imaging

Water Intrusion and Moisture Buildup

Plumbing, like roofing, becomes prone to water leaks as its parts wear out over time.   Corrosion and rust, cracks and leaky pipe joints, and excessive water pressure cause pipes, faucets, toilets, washing machines, and dishwashers to leak.   Undetected and untreated, water leaking from old pipes and hoses contributes to mold and mildew growth.

Cracks in foundation slabs and exterior walls, and weathered seals around doors and windows allow moisture to build in walls and beneath carpeting, tile, laminate and wood flooring.   Thermal imaging technology detects hidden water leaks before discoloration, sewage odor, and mold appear.   Advanced leak detection miminizes potential water damage including higher than normal water bills.

Water Leak Data:
[Two hundred fifty gallons of water] leak from a ⅛ inch pipe crack in a day.
Source:  "Water Damage By the Numbers." Water Damage Defense.

Detecting Water Leaks in Florida

Patriot Restoration are leak detection experts.   We use advanced, forward looking infrared (FLIR) cameras and other specialized instruments to detect water leaks and moisture accumulation in and around walls, windows and doors, in ceilings and attics, and under floors and foundations.

Why Choose Patriot?

Patriot Restoration are Cleaning Experts.

Leak Detection
infrared thermometer

Patriot Detects Leaks.

Water leaks from faulty plumbing, pipes, fixtures, roofs and windows are not always visible to the naked eye.   Detecting leaks concealed in walls, ceilings and foundations requires special tools.

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Water Leak Prevention
  • Have your home inspected regularly for plumbing leaks and moisture problems.
  • Seasonal residents should have their homes checked on while they are away.
  • Repair water leaks quickly to avoid mold damage.