Mold Inspections

Comprehensive Mold Inspection

Inspectors Spot Mold Damage

A mold inspector tests for the presence of toxic mold.   As a requisite to treating mold, a mold inspection pinpoints areas of moisture accumulation and water damage that factor in mold growth.   Mold inspectors take into account a building's history, occupant complaints and a thorough visual inspection when reporting on mold damage.

Professional mold inspectors use moisture meters and special cameras to locate mold problem areas.   Infrared systems and flexible, fiber optic cameras called borescopes allow for mold inspection deep into walls, attics and foundations.

Mold Data:
[Surveys show] that 30% to 50% of all structures [in northern U.S. and Canada] have damp conditions which may encourage the growth and buildup of biological pollutants. This percentage is likely to be higher in warm, moist climates.
"Statistics." Truth About Mold.

Inspecting Mold Damage in Florida

Patriot Restoration are professional mold inspectors.   We inspect homes, offices and condominiums for water and mold damage.   Contact us today for your complimentary, mold inspection.

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Mold Inspections
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Patriot Inspects Mold.

A mold inspection measures the extent of mold damage caused by water intrusion and moisture accumulation.   Mold inspections are integral to its remediation.

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