Mold Testing

Accurate Mold Testing

Testing and Test Kit Limitations

Mold test kits are cheap and available at local hardware stores.   However, home mold test kits are limited in the information they provide.   Professional mold testing differentiates between various molds and toxic mold and their effects on indoor air quality and health.

Patriot Restoration recommends third party microbial testing by a Certified Industrial Hygienist in all microbial remediation projects.   We use Air Quality Services for all of our microbial testing unless advised by the customer to use a company of their choice.

Mold Testing Fact:
All credible organizations in the indoor air quality community advocate against…using the types of samples included in these home mold testing kits.
Source:  "Can I Use Home Mold Test Kits Instead of a Mold Inspection?" MoldReport.

Testing for Mold in Florida

Patriot Restoration works closely with a third party, mold testing company to properly test all mold jobs.   We incorporate qualified, air quality services into our microbial testing process.

We provide a complimentary mold inspection/consultation.   Once you have scheduled your consultation a certified microbial remediation technician will examine your affected area and guide you in the right direction to remediating your property the IICRC certified way.

Keep air ducts dry and clean, and test mold levels regularly to improve indoor environmental quality for plants, people and pets.

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Mold Testing
mold damage

Patriot Tests Mold.

Mold spores grow rapidly into dark, splotchy patches that damage drywall and adversely affect indoor air quality.   Testing for mold is the first step in keeping mold damage from spreading.

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Mold Damage Prevention
  • Have water damage professionally cleaned and repaired.
  • Control moisture and humidity of indoor environments to keep structures dry.
  • Test for mold regularly.