Odor Removal

Sanitization and Deodorization

Offensive Odors and Bad Smells

Scientists report smell to be the oldest of the senses.   Unpleasant smells from mold, urine, feces and decomposition warn us of substances that are harmful to humans.   Patriot Restoration's technicians detect offensive odors and locate their sources to prevent odors from returning.

Remove carpet and rug odors emanating from pet stains and cigarette smoke before scents permeate to nearby furniture, clothing and drywall.  Deodorize and sanitize to improve overall air quality.   Odors from fire, smoke and soot damage require special equipment and cleaning solutions.   Sealing off and repairing burned areas contain and eliminate the toughest odors.

Odor Fact:
Women at all ages are generally more accurate than men in identifying odors.
Source:  "Quick Statistics About Taste and Smell." National Institutes of Health

Removing, Sanitizing and Deodorizing Odors in Florida

Patriot Restoration are odor removal and sanitization experts.   We remove musty mold and tough pet urine odors with specialized deodorizing techniques.   Our certified techicians also remove odors associated with fire disasters and crime scene trauma.

Why Choose Patriot?

Patriot Restoration are Cleaning Experts.

Odor Removal
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Patriot Removes Odors.

Offensive odors from indoor and outdoor sources permeate carpets and furniture.   Pet and cigarette odors are common.   Deodorization, odor removal, addresses the source of contamination as well.

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